Start Using Putty SSH for your server in Windows


It is very important to show you all that how to use putty tool for accessing your server through SSH connection.
I am showing very basic skill that every server administrator should know. as this blog is aimed to help newbies with no knowledge of Linux and servers at all, therefore writing this simple tutorial as a basic guide for every newbie. You can skip this post if you already know how to use putty.

Let’s get started Using Putty SSH

it is good to know what is putty. Putty is a client for SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw TCP protocols and as a serial console client.
as it is simplest tool therefore it is being used widely.Putty SSH is actually written for windows-based systems but later on it is being used in several Other Operating Systems.

even now a days you can use this tool on your smart phone. This tool is compatible for Window XP, Window Vista, Window 7,8 and even on Windows 10

Download Putty

you can easily download putty here or via their direct link here.

Now you have downloaded putty on your Windows Operating ystem

Here is step by step guide that how to use putty to connect to your server

Step 1

Download Putty EXE file from above link


Double click to launch the main interface. It will look like below picture

Step 3

Now enter the Host name of your server obtained it from your hosting provider. it can also be IPV4 IP address

Step 4

Leave the Port field as it is (22 Port – default) unless your server has changed it to another port but they should tell you.

Step 5

Make sure “SSH” option is selected.

Step 6

Then click the “Open” button on main Putty interface

Step 7

Now you will see another window is open, if you are using first time SSH to server it will show alert notice like this one, Simple click on Yes button

Step 8.

Putty will bring you to login to your server via SSH Connection
enter your username and password ( provided by your server provider )

If you are using Amazon AWS Server User Name should Ubuntu for Ubuntu server and Centos for Centos OS
Usually for other server providers it will root

Congratulation you have now access to your server after adding user name and password

in command line it will look like below image

First and very basic command to check free memory on your server write this command

Quick Tip: In Putty screen you can use right -click of mouse to paste your copy text .

Now you know how to use putty What’s Next? I am posting 25 Top used commands syntax to when SSH-ing to your server. Read that post to know basic Linux commands, theses commands are very import to manage unmanaged servers.

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